b'SUPER STINK LAB DIY SOAP MAKING KITSTINK BOMB SET MINI EXPERIMENT SETGREAT INTRO TO CHEMISTRY +Study the not-so-sweet smell of sulfur and other foulMAKE YOUR OWN COLORFUL SOAPSodors with the super stink lab +7 piece soap kit includes everything you need +5 fun experiments explore different scientific tasksto make your own soap at homerelating to foul scents +Includes 2 molds to make soap into fun shape+Includes colors and fragrancesDIY KIT + PLAY VALUE+Each kit includes enough ingredients to create severalLEARN ABOUT AND BECOME FAMILIAR WITH:different stink bombs with step by step recipes +Chemistry+Hands on learning of the fun science behind stink +Periodic elements+Molecular activity.AGES AGES10 8 + 8 + 11'