b'ANATOMY KIT SHARK 4D ANATOMY KIT T-REX 4D20 DETACHABLE ORGANS AND BODY PARTS 20 DETACHABLE ORGANS AND BODY PARTSINCLUDES INCLUDESSTAND FOR STAND FORDISPLAY DISPLAYFASCINATING FACTS FASCINATING FACTSTHE GREAT WHITE SHARK DINOSAURS ARE OUT THEREThe great white shark is thelargest known predatory fish, butNEW 20 Paleontologists believe theyve found approximately oneNEW 20its prehistoric relative, Meglodon was much bigger, at up tothousand dinosaur species (only about .0001% of the total).16 meter long and weighing up to 48 tons. Sharks have existedPRODUCT That means for every species thats been dug up, there are PRODUCTfor over 350 million years, but the Great White Shark is the only2020 PIECES still a million more that are undiscovered! All over the world,2020 PIECESsurviving species of its genus, Carcharodon. beneath deep lakes and oceans, even in your own backyard. theyre waiting. Do you dig?PLAY VALUE PLAY VALUE+Promotes learning of Science and Biology +Promotes learning of Science and Prehistoric +Build together or encourage independent play Biology+20 pieces in all +Build together or encourage independent play+Includes display stand +6 plastic body pieces, 3 muscles, 6 bones, 5 organs and display standAGES AGES18 6 + 6 + 19'