b'WEATHER TERRARIUM FOOD SCIENCE LABDIY BUILD AND GROW KIT EDIBLE EXPERIMENTS KIT NEWPRODUCT2020NEWPRODUCT2020LEARN BASIC MOLECULAR GASTRONOMY +Learn the chemistry and physics behind making incredible, pro-style dishes+Cook up some fun using everyday ingredients from BUILD YOUR OWN ECOSYSTEM your own kitchen pantry+Monitor weather and water cyclesSCIENCE BASED TOOLS+Teaches the concepts of weather science, biology+Test tubes with a rack and stoppers, beaker, syringe and botanyand more for making fun creations+Observe nature in action with greenhouse+Learn about food science and molecular gastronomy condensation, wind, temperature and more as well as chemistry and physicsKITCHEN READY+Learn amazing techniques and the included tools+With smiling faces and fun molds, youll have loads of fun with these edible experimentsAGES AGES24 8 + 8 + 25'