TOY HYDRAULIC ROBOT ARM DIY BUILD KIT DIY BUILDING SET + PLAY VALUE + + Familiarize yourself with scientific concepts + + Hydraulics do not create any new energy (no combustion) instead it transforms existing energy into a new, usable form + + Hydraulics operate on a push system where the fluid is pushed through the system to transform the energy, once the arm is built just add water and use the same as the robotic arm + + System operates with no fuel or electricity + + Entire arm needs to be built Robotics engineers can invent: robotic toys and specialized robots for manufacturing. More than a million robots are used in manufacturing goods FASCINATING FACTS ROBOTICS IS A GROWING CAREER FIELD 25 24 ROBOT CHAMELEON TOY BUILDING KIT DIY BUILDING SET + PLAY VALUE + + Child must build Chameleon’s skeleton and internals + + Once built the Chameleon will be a working RC Robot with two functions + + LEDs in the Chameleon’s head will light up and change color + + Tongue shoots in and out of mouth AGES 12+ AGES 10+