+ + Build your own model engine from scratch + + Learn about internal workings of engines and mechanics + + Build confidence, comfort, and interest in machinery + + Basic principals of machine operation and building + + Future careers in engineering: Civil, mechanical, automotive, electrical, robotics TOY ENGINEV MODEL ENGINE KIT The four-stroke cycle engine was the first practical alternative to the steam engine. Its design was patented in 1862 by French engineer Alphonse Beau de Rochas. However, the first person to actually build an engine based upon Alphonse’s design was German engineer Nikolaus Otto (in 1876).  The engine was so successful, more than 30,000 would be built during the next 10 years. FASCINATING FACTS ENGINES OF CHANGE AGES 8+ PRACTICE ENGINEERING + + Engineer your own roller coaster and create exciting twists, turns and dips + + Design a low coaster, or build up to 3-feet high with 753 individual pieces for custom designs + + Uses real motorized parts to propel cars + + Comes with easy step-by-step instructions TOY BUILD-A-COASTER 753 PIECE BUILDING SET AGES 8+ Roller coasters use gravity and momentum to send a train along a winding track. As you drop, potential energy converts into kinetic energy, which propels the train up the track. The roller coaster traces its origins to Russia where wood-framed ice slides sent sledders down 70-foot high slopes as early as the 16th century. FASCINATING FACTS THE ORIGINAL THRILL RIDE 29 28