b'ThreeSixty Group and Discovery have partneredto launch a mind-blowing STEM brand thats deeply rooted in Discoverys guiding principals of exploration, education, and entertainment.Discovery STEM products have been designed to engage DISCOVERY STEM PRODUCTS BOOST SKILLS IN THESE AREAS:kids with interactive problem-solving, engineering skills and imaginative play. Complete kit instructions ensure a fun learning experience.Discovery STEM electronic toys utilize the mostadvanced robotic technologies available today, bringing next-level play to a new generation. From interactive chameleonsChemistry Science Physics Biology Engineeringthat follow you from room to room, to voice-changing androids, the future is here.Reaching over 3 billion viewers worldwide,Discovery is the number one most trusted cable brand. With 226 million monthly mobile streams (and counting), its growing popularity and global impact is truly explosive.Concept Robotics Exploration Imaginative Musical Building Play ArtsSCIENCE TECHNOLOGYENGINEERING MATH Mathematics Data Critical Electronics Arts + CraftsSciences Thinking2 3'