CREATE AN EXCITING MARBLE TRACK THAT RUNS AUTOMATICALLY! + + Design the course, then watch as the steel balls race freely through the tracks and tunnels + + Build a path for the marble to get from beginning to end + + Once finished, battery operated motor moves pieces that will move the marbles around continuously + + It’s a fun way to study the science behind speed TOY MARBLE STUNT RUN SMALL AUTOMATIC KINETIC ENERGY BUILD KIT AGES 6+ LEARN THE FUNDAMENTALS OF ENGINEERING + + Follow build instructions included or create your own + + Build a variety of different paths for the marble to get from beginning to end PHYSICS + + Kinetic and potential energy + + Acceleration under gravity + + Motion in a circle – Newton’s First Law MATHEMATICS + + Projectiles related to launch height and angle of ramp + + Creativity and problem solving skills required and strengthened MARBLE RUN 321 PIECE CONSTRUCTION SET AGES 6+ 33 32