b'TOY MAGNETIC TILES MARBLE RUN24 PIECE SET 321 PIECE CONSTRUCTION SET24PIECESETLEARN THE FUNDAMENTALS OF ENGINEERING +Follow build instructions included Believe it or not, the Earth itself is actually an enormous magnet. or create your own No one knows why, but around every million years, the planets polarity just switches! If you were looking at a directional compass,+Build a variety of different paths for the marble to get the needle would suddenly swing around and face the otherfrom beginning to enddirection. Weird! PHYSICSREQUIRES AND DEVELOPS: +Kinetic and potential energy+Mathematical and spatial thinking +Acceleration under gravity +Creativity and problem solving +Motion in a circleNewtons First Law+Imagination and creativity MATHEMATICS+Spatial thinking, dexterity, shape recognition +Projectiles related to launch height and angle of ramp+Architecture and geometry +Creativity and problem solving skills required and +Magnetic principals strengthenedAGES AGES32 4 + 6 + 33'