b'TOY HYDRAULIC ROBOT ARM SOLAR CONSTRUCTIONDIY BUILD KIT VEHICLE SET WITH 190 EASY-BUILD PIECESDIY BUILDING SET + PLAY VALUE+Familiarize yourself with scientific concepts +Hydraulics do not create any new energy (no combustion) instead it transforms existing energy intoDIY BUILDING SET + PLAY VALUEa new, usable form +Develop your engineering skills with over 12 unique +Hydraulics operate on a push system where thesolar powered robots that crawl, roll, and even float!fluid is pushed through the system to transform the+Each build will have a solar panel that when charged energy, once the arm is built just add water and useor in the sun will movethe same as the robotic arm +System operates with no fuel or electricity +Can only have 1 experiment built at a time; the same pieces are used for each experiment+ Entire arm needs to be built +Solar power is one of the cleanest, most sustainable, and renewable resources in the worldAGES AGES34 10 + 8 + 35'