REQUIRES AND DEVELOPS: + + Teaches concepts of Electromagnetic Suspension (EMS) + + Once built the train runs continuously + + Difficulty level is high which encourages trial and error with magnetic placement + + Train + track needs to be put together (trial and error) + + Allowing for teachable moments between parents and kids + + Encourages an interest in the clean energy field MAGNETIC LEVITATION TRAIN 150+ PIECE DIY BUILD KIT AGES 14+ DIY BUILDING SET + PLAY VALUE + + Develop your engineering skills with over 12 unique solar powered robots that crawl, roll, and even float! + + Each build will have a solar panel that when charged or in the sun will move + + Can only have 1 experiment built at a time; the same pieces are used for each experiment + + Solar power is one of the cleanest, most sustainable, and renewable resources in the world AGES 8+ The plates on the back of a stegosaurus arenot attached to their spines. The big, bony-looking  plates were imbedded in the dinosaur’s thick skin  and were covered with a network of small veins.  Some scientists think they were used  as “solar panels.” A very cool  way to keep warm! FASCINATING FACTS PREHISTORIC SOLAR PANELS SOLAR CONSTRUCTION VEHICLE SET WITH 190 EASY-BUILD PIECES 39 38