b'TOY CIRCUITRY ACTION TOY CIRCUITRY KEYBOARDEXPERIMENT KIT EXPERIMENT KITNEW NEWPRODUCT PRODUCT2020 2020CIRCUITRY SET CIRCUITRY SET+Includes 6 different experiments +Introductory kit to discover the basics about electricity+Set is modular, can create one large+Includes piano, 45 circuitry springs, 10 green wires, circuit loop or 6 small circuit loops 10 red wires, 10 white wires, 2 blue wires, 1 magnetic +Each set has an interactive component thatcylinder and 4 LEDsis activated once the loop is completed +Build together or encourage independent playELECTRICITY KIT+Includes 17 different experiments+Each experiment it motorized in some way+Each experiment uses the same pieces; only one experiment can be built at a timeAGES AGES40 8 + 8 + 41'