AGES 8+ PLAY VALUE + + Scope will magnify up to 30x using the phone camera + + Microscopes are used in the medical, biology, and environmental research + + Use your smartphone or tablet to take pictures or capture video + + Encourages an interest medical and biology fields MAGNIFYING SCOPE FOR SMART PHONES You see everything upside down, you just don’t realize it… When your eyeball lens collects light, it puts the floor on the top and the ceiling on the bottom. Only after your brain translates the info does the image get reversed - back to right side up! FASCINATING FACTS BRAIN FLIP AGES 8+ PRESENTING THE STUNT DRONE ZIP 360 DEGREES + + Specially designed for little aviators! + + Kid-friendly features such as auto take off, auto land, auto align + + Stunt Drone provides a control range of 150 feet + + Beginner friendly ceiling of 8 feet for indoor flying + + 2.4GHz USB rechargeable drone KIDS DRONE 5 INCH STUNT ZIP 41 40