b'SOCCER SNAKE SOCCER SNAKE 2 PACKDIY ROBOTIC BUILD & PLAY KIT DIY ROBOTIC BUILDDUAL PLAY KITNEWPRODUCTNEW FASCINATING FACTS 2020PRODUCT AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT2020 Snakes dont have taste buds on their tongue like humans do. Rather, they have a taste sensor on the roof of their mouth. In order to pick up scents, they need to flick their tongue in the air, then return the tongue to their mouths in order to deliver various scents to the sensor. This is a vital function for snakes, as it is used to locate prey and avoid dangerous predators!ITEM DETAILS 2 PACK ITEM DETAILS+Build a robotic snake that can play soccer +Build two robotic snakes that can play soccer for +Realistic snake movement action exciting two player action+Wired controller +Realistic snake movement actionWired controller+ AGES AGES50 8 + 8 + 51'