GREAT INTRO TO CHEMISTRY + + Slime is made of a cross linked polymer + + Non-Newtonian fluid: it behaves like both a solid and a liquid + + Introduction to ions, molecules, and how they behave together + + Slime is built on hydrogen bonds DIY KIT + PLAY VALUE + + Each kit includes enough ingredients to create several different slimes and step by step recipes + + Once made keep the slime in the containers provided to play with again and again. TOY EXPERIMENT KIT STINK BOMB SET AGES 8+ AGES 8+ GREAT INTRO TO CHEMISTRY + + BlacklightLEDsmakeyour colourful crystals glow + + captivating chemical reaction forms crystals while you watch + + Observe the process of crystalization in your own underwater garden AGES 6+ Crystals aren’t just for pretty jewelry. Quartz crystals are piezoelectric and bend when an electric current is applied. That property allows incredibly accurate tuning to vibration speeds at 32,768 Hz – or 32,768 times per second – and even faster! Today, quartz is used in almost every clock and computer you see, even your smartphone! FASCINATING FACTS TIME CRYSTALS CRYSTAL AQUARIUM DIY UNDERWATER CRYSTAL GARDEN 9 8