Philip Bier, the retail entrepreneur who was a founding member of Danish brand Tiger in the UK, is now looking to open the first ÏD Kids store in London next month. ÏD Kids will offer children’s clothing and toys. Bier suggests that the brand could possibly open 50 stores in total across the UK.

Since becoming a multi-millionaire after selling his stake in the Tiger (UK) chain last year, Bier has set up Bier brothers with his brother Jacob, to bring new retail brands to our high streets.

This is obviously great news for the retail market in the UK. The market has been crying out for fresh brands and am sure that ÏD Kids will be well received.

“We want to be the preferred partner for foreign retailers who want to enter the UK,” said Bier. “The ambition is to have six brands in five years’ time.”

There definitely seems to be a gap opening up in the children’s market, since Toys R Us going into administration and Mothercare currently struggling.

“If people say I’m mad I have some sympathy for that statement,” says Bier. “But if you take Toys R Us they stood still and relied on doing the same thing for 25 years with no material change in their model. They just expected customers to turn up with a basket and fill it. That doesn’t happen anymore.”

I am sure Bier’s comments are shared across the retail community. The larger groups need younger executives who are in touch with the evolving retail landscape. It is no longer possible to repeat what you did last year, and expect the same results. It is time for a shake-up.

Bier has chosen Southside Shopping Centre in Wandsworth, an affluent south-west London suburb popular with young families. for the first ÏD Kids store. The store will be selling both Okaïdi and Oxybul products.

Bier says one of the strengths of ÏD Kids is that like Tiger it primarily sells own-label products so is a destination for shoppers. “If you want an ÏD product you have to go to ÏD. That’s one of the reasons Tiger worked so well. If you want Tiger products you have to go to Tiger.”

After Bier’s success in the Tiger chain (UK), who would bet against him that he will not make his next ambitious venture a success.

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