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Redlands-Retail-Small-Icon-Logo-GreyscaleRedlands Distribution have secured the exclusive rights to distribute Sharper Image Toy throughout the UK and Ireland. Sharper Image was established in 1977 in the U.S and was relaunched in 2010.

The Sharper Image toy range consists of state-of-the-art Drones, Robotics and RC Cars and are now widely available across the UK and Ireland.

All the products have been designed to stand out in the market, to make them easy to use and to have the fun factor!. There are a number of dual play toys ie the Bumper Car Set or the Drifter and Police Car Set for the competitive child.

For the serious RC car fanatic, there are also some specialty RC models ie the Hobby Lite Dirt Rodder or the Transforming Missile Launcher! Feel free to have a look at all the models in the 2020 catalogue.

The Sharper Image Re-Brand

The Vision

Today, the vision of Sharper Image hasn’t changed yet evolved with every product carefully designed to represent the notion of “Tomorrow’s Tomorrow”. Under this notion each product is designed to be visionary, clever, timeless and leave a memorable experience for those that use it.



The mark is a unique and meaningful statement for the brand. The “77” symbol represents 1977, the year the brand is established. It also can be read as 2 upwards arrows or 2 “T’s”, abbreviating the company’s vision, “Tomorrow’s Tomorrow”.

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